Professional Fees

A valuation probably costs less than you think.

For most mainstream aircraft we are normally able to provide an accurate fee estimate prior to engagement.

Professional fees depend on:

  • What purpose must the valuation serve
  • Single machine or a fleet valuation
  • Retrospective valuation or future projection
  • Part of a larger commercial transaction (a business sale)
  • Any inspections required
  • Ongoing participation and discussions (dispute resolution)

Be aware that aviation valuation compliance is like aircraft maintenance - there are no short cuts.
So before comparing valuation fee estimates, ensure that:

  • The valuation will meet your requirements
  • The valuer is experienced on the aircraft or helicopter type
  • The valuer has an affiliation to both aviation industry and valuation governing bodies
    (not just purporting an affiliation)
  • The finished document is what you are expecting (ask to see a sample)
Only once all these boxes are ticked, can you be assured that your valuation will be fit for purpose and be undertaken by an experienced industry specialist who is accountable to independent minimum requirements.  ‚Äč