Fixed & Rotor Wing Valuations


Aviation valuations require an aviation specialist

Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) can undertake a valuation on any aircraft or helicopter type from a single engine microlight to a business jet.

Our Founder/Director Mr Justin Sollitt has been providing valuations for aircraft and helicopters since 2004 and is only one of a handful of aviation valuation specialists in the Australasia/Pacific region.

SASL provides valuations for an array of clients including:
  • Private owners/operators
  • Corporate owners/operators
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government organisations 
  • Banks, finance and insurance companies.


Which valuation is right for you?

A valuation format will vary depending on the purpose that the valuation is required to serve. Whilst this doesn't determine or alter the valuation amount, it does determine the scope of information required to be written into the report.  

Types of valuation reports:

  • General pre-purchase / pre-sale / pre-tender
  • Retrospective
  • Due diligence when buying a business

  • New business pre-feasibility

  • Financing 

  • Insurance loss or repair

  • Refurbishment

  • Modification or change of operational use   

  • Depreciation and taxation

  • Import/export duties

  • Insolvency and asset recovery