Fixed & Rotor Wing Valuations


Aviation valuations require an aviation specialist

Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) can undertake a valuation on any aircraft or helicopter type from a single engine microlight to a business jet.

Our Founder/Director Mr Justin Sollitt has been providing valuations for aircraft and helicopters since 2004 and is only one of a handful of aviation valuation specialists in the Australasia/Pacific region.

SASL provides valuations for an array of clients including:
  • Private owners/operators
  • Corporate owners/operators
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Government organisations 
  • Banks, finance and insurance companies.


Which valuation is right for you?

Valuations vary depending on the purpose that the valuation needs to serve, this can include;

  • General pre-purchase / pre-sale / pre-tender
  • Retrospective
  • Due diligence when buying a business

  • New business pre-feasibility

  • Financing 

  • Insurance loss or repair

  • Refurbishment

  • Modification or change of operational use   

  • Depreciation and taxation

  • Import/export duties

  • Insolvency and asset recovery