Aircraft & Helicopter Import/Export

Importing / exporting any aircraft or helicopter is often made to look easy, however the reality it is a business fraught with risk and is a minefield to the inexperienced.

The cost of getting a professional to assist with import and export normally pales to insignificance when compared with the potential hidden costs of getting a foreign aircraft compliant locally.

Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd has the expertise to assist both buyers and sellers when trading aircraft or helicopters internationally.

We are the catalyst for ensuring your next international aircraft acquisition happens smoothly and does not become a stressful, unhappy, convoluted and unnecessarily expensive experience.


Professional Services Include:

  • Disassembly and crating of aircraft and helicopters ready for shipping
  • Ferry fuel tanking and permits
  • Export Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Global shipping 
  • International delivery flights  
  • Customs and Agriculture border clearances
  • Registration onto the CAA / FAA or CASA systems

Our experience includes trading to and from:
New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, Malaysia, Japan, Southern Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, Europe.