Sale & Purchase and Lease Agreements

Generally one would never consider buying a $100K property without first consulting professional legal advice, yet it never ceases to amaze us the people who consider buying or selling an aircraft or helicopter fleet worth millions on the strength of just a handshake.

When transacting the sale or purchase of an aircraft or helicopter it is imperative you have an experienced professional working with you to handle the necessary sale & purchase paperwork.

  • SELLERS; you need to ensure you know where you stand regards ongoing liability regardless of caveat emptor.
  • PURCHASERS: you need to ensure you know exactly what you are buying and at what price/terms. And of course that you will actually own what you pay for. 

No matter whether your dealing in a machine worth $40,000 or $10 Million, Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd has the experience and expertise to assist either buyers and sellers:   

  • Legal sale & purchase agreements
  • Private & commercial fleet sales
  • Escrow accounts
  • Foreign exchange
  • Title verification & security releases
  • International sales involving ferry flights and foreign aircraft registration

Aviation Lease agreements: 

  • Short term rental and  hire
  • Long term lease
  • Wet & dry lease
  • Lease to own
  • Syndication

For operators of:

  • Single engine trainers 
  • Twin trainers
  • Twin turbines
  • Piston helicopters
  • Turbine helicopters
  • General private use
  • Flight training
  • Agricultural operations 
  • Parachuting operations
  • Aerial survey
  • Sightseeing
  • Air ambulance
  • Scheduled freight service