Professional Advice for Buyers & Sellers

From mid 2011 Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) met the market demand and phased out traditional brokering aircraft & helicopters for commission. Instead we commenced classified advertising, as well as focusing on aviation valuation and market advisory.

Traditionally we have always worked for the seller - now we provide advice to both buyers and sellers.

SASL regularly consults to customers who are seeking independent, impartial advice with regards to a prospective aviation purchase or commercial transaction.

Our advice can be for any aircraft or helicopter advertised for sale, anywhere in the world, not necessarily just those advertised by us.

So how is our advice now impartial? 
  • Because our service is not driven by commission.
  • We have no prejudice with either the asking prices or one aircraft for sale over another.
We offer independent, impartial advice for
  • Current market valuation of any aircraft or helicopter advertised for sale
  • Historical price history for aircraft or helicopter sales
  • Likely resale demand and exit price
  • Pre-feasibility of a prospective restoration or change of operation use
  • Financing options 
  • Viability of importing comparable alternatives from overseas
  • Viability of exporting to sell into another market
  • Syndication options
  • Pre-feasibility on new aviation businesses 
  • Business pre-sale evaluation