Fast Facts

  • Founded by
    The business of Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) was founded in 1999 by Justin Sollitt in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Owned by 
    SASL is 100% independently owned & operated. The business is neither a subsidiary of or affiliated to any other aviation company having a similar name.

  • Run by
    SASL is run by four personnel and operates under the same management team since it was founded. 
  • In the business of
    Operating HANGAR 247 Global Aircraft Market
    International aircraft & helicopter valuation
    General aviation sales & acquisition advisory

  • Operates from 
    Warkworth, New Zealand
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Reach to  
    Through HANGAR 247 the business represents aircraft and helicopter owners - operators - dealers - brokers across 80 countries and attracts an audience from over 180 countries. 
  • Website
    HANGAR 247 is the latest / Gen5 online platform that springboards off the global following from the last 20 years.