About Us

Established in 1999 our team has 20+ years experience in global aviation.
  • Flying and aircraft ownership
  • Buying & selling
  • Valuation
  • Import & export
  • International delivery
Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) is reputed internationally in the business of aircraft and helicopter sales, aviation valuation and market advisory. 
We provide services to fixed wing aircraft and helicopter owners, operators, agents, brokers, dealers, financiers and insurers worldwide.

SASL is also the creator/operator of HANGAR 247 / G
lobal Aircraft Market.

SASL caters for most things in general aviation, from a $10,000 microlight to a $10 Million business jet that includes:
  • Fixed wing aircraft (single and multi-engine / piston, turbo-prop and jet)
  • Helicopters (piston and turbine)
  • Utility aircraft (parachute/Ag/survey/tow planes)
  • Gliders and sailplanes
  • Amphibious and floatplanes
  • Warbirds and classics (piston and jet)
  • Competition and aerobatic
  • Microlights
  • Light sport and amateur built
  • Fleet disposals
  • Hangars and airparks

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Professional Services

  • Global aviation online marketplace HANGAR 247
  • Valuation and pre-market appraisal for aircraft, helicopters and aviation businesses.
  • Aviation tender management


Southern Aircraft Sales was founded by Mr. Justin Sollitt on a part time basis in 1999 in Christchurch, New Zealand that emanated from his lifelong passion for aviation and flying.

From 2003 the business was incorporated and developed on a full time basis, and with considerable entrepreneurial drive Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) quickly became a leading aviation brokerage, valuation and light aircraft leasing business in the South Pacific region.

In 2004 aviation valuations was added to SASL core business services. 

In 2012 SASL met the market demand and added online classified adverts to its business in tandem with the traditional aircraft brokerage service.

In 2017 the Hangar 247 aviation market platform was developed by Justin Sollitt and Craig Ray.

"Southern Aircraft Sales commenced in 1999 by breaking the mould of traditional aircraft and helicopter dealerships by pioneering an aviation brokerage in the South Pacific region that operated purely online at a time when the internet was in its infancy and the term 'e-commerce' was largely unheard of.  Back in the late 1990's websites were very much the poor cousin to traditional sales yards and print advertising right across the transport industry.  

What SASL was doing then was considered very avant-garde, yet today our original model is now the global industry standard and SASL is known worldwide." 
 reflects Justin.